About Free Christmas Movie Bingo

We love Christmas and movies! So much so, we created an automatic Christmas movie bingo card generator. And, seeing as how 2020 has been such an awful year, we want to spread the joy by letting everyone have access.

Don't have a printer? No problem! You can mark off your matches right here in your browser!

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Frequently Asked QUestions

Who are you people and why are you doing this?
Just a nerd and a geek who love Christmas movies and bingo!

Can I play this if I don't have a printer?
Yes! You can click on the squares in your browswer. You can even use your phone.

How do I thank you for this?
You don't have to, but it would be nice if you tweeted a picture of your card or posted it on the 'gram with the hashtag FreeChristmasMovieBingo.

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How to play

  1. Print out a bingo card (or use it online)
  2. Start watching a Christmas movie
  3. Mark off each box as you recognize things happening in the movie
  4. First to get a whole line wins bragging rights!
  5. Tweet a picture of your card and mention @movie_bingo
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Contact Us

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