Here is your freshly baked Christmas Movie Bingo card!

Either print this out or click on the squares!

Suspiciously thin girl eating lots of Christmas treatsCharacters works at/visits huge department storeLet’s go Christmas tree shopping!Character learns to love ChristmasWe'll never get these Christmas tree lights working!
Time to decorate the Christmas tree!Kindly doorman who moonlights as a matchmakerLead character is a workaholicMain character is an event plannerCharacter wearing antlers
Main character is a journalist doing a serious story about ChristmasSomeone overhears something--and misunderstands/ overreacts!FreeOpening credits feature overview of small townMain character is an undiscovered artist
Someone given a gift they can't open until after someone has left townThe first kiss happens the last sceneSomeone gets tipsy at the Office Christmas partyMagical homeless person!Lots and lots of cut-out snowflakes
Bad metaphor clumsily applied to love interestMain characters don’t like each other at firstThe love interest is their employerBells a'ringing!Someone takes a train

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