Here is your freshly baked Christmas Movie Bingo card!

Either print this out or click on the squares!

Country Folk express amusement at City SlickerYikes! We need to plan a huge event in an unrealistically short time period!Small town boy/girl who has struck fame returns homeFemale lead is improbably good/bad at gift wrappingWrapping gifts
Female lead wears a truly enormous scarfLittle kid who hasn't spoken since some tragic eventThe love interest is their employerEurope referenced to indicate character's high level of sophisticationCandy canes!
We'll never get these Christmas tree lights working!Magical homeless person!FreeFarm sceneDrawing by little kid changes someone's mind/melts their heart
Family business in jeopardy!Someone who decorates for Christmas months in advanceAn inadvertently suggestive Christmas ornamentWe go to a Christmas marketSomeone overhears something--and misunderstands/ overreacts!
Something significant happens at midnightChristmas-themed business name.Parents plan to sell business/family home and retireSomeone misses a flight/trainChristmas dance!

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